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Mac OSX: can't start Git after updating Mac OS/XCode

The IDE is giving an error message that it "can't start git: /usr/bin/git", however the path is correct, and it was working before. idea.log contains the following error: ''Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo''


Solution: in terminal, run 'sudo xcodebuild -license' and then agree to the terms.



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    This tip totally works!!! Thanks.

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    Robert Cochran

    This works for me with the recent update of MacOS to 10.9.5 and also of XCode to Version 6.0.1 (the update that includes iOS8 functionality.) I do all my development work in a standard user account, not in an administrative account. Running the above sudo command as an ordinary user did require the administrator password. After that, the license agreement could be agreed to just fine. That in turn allowed me to run my command line software builds. I think seeing this message is a sign that the command line tools parts of XCode have been updated.

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    Great. This worked. Thanks!

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    N Widart


    Thanks for the tip. It works but now whenever I'm in a git directory, all my CLI est extremely slow.

    Even a simple 'return' with no command takes ~14seconds. I can't even see me type in real time.

    Any reason for this?



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    Another simple way to install these tools is simply to try to run one of them. If it’s not installed, OS X will give you a prompt that asks if you want to install it. If you agree, it does it quickly and easily!

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    Thanks for the help. It fixed the problem with the phpstorm came with an error message after installing Xcode from apple, where I had to accept the licence aggrements before running git

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    it works for me too - thx

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    Andreas Wiik


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