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Network connectivity issues when running under Java 1.7

You can observe various networking related problems when running the IDE under JDK 1.7, it mainly affects Windows, but can also happen on other systems.

The list of common errors

  • Connection to '' failed
  • Could not list the contents of folder
  • Permission denied: recv failed
  • Permission denied: connect
  • Connection refused: connect
  • Cannot assign requested address: connect
  • Failed to create a selector
  • connection timed out
It can affect any other Internet and local network related activity in the IDE, for example:
  • Browsing the plugin repository
  • Downloading the JDBC drivers for the database module
  • Downloading external JS and Java libraries for local autocompletion
  • Resolving Maven dependencies
  • Performing compilation with external build mode enabled
  • FTP deployment
  • License server connection
  • Obtaining an exclusive lock to prevent concurrent caches/settings access on IDE startup


  • Add into the list of the IDE JVM options. If you are using IPv6 only network, specify option.
  • On Windows run netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable to resolve FTP connection issues.
  • Agnitum Outpost Security Suite and some other firewalls may block even localhost connections, disabling firewall may not help, only uninstalling the firewall will resolve the problem.
  • If nothing above helps, try running the IDE under JDK 1.6 instead.



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    Hi All,


    I couldn't check for updates and browse the plugin repository.

    In my case solution was to install this:

    Maybe it will help somebody too :)




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    I'm not sure where to find the ide java options. Where is IDE_HOME?

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    Serge Baranov

    See . IDE_HOME is a folder where you've installed your IDE.

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    Ravindra Nidhonkar

    I got the WebStorm license, but while activating it via JetBrains account I am getting below error.

    "JetProfile connection error: SocketTimeoutException: connect timed out".

    I tried the solutions mentioned above but it is not working. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Serge Baranov

    You need to use a direct connection to .

    If you are connecting via a proxy, it must be a proxy with transparent HTTPS support.

    Please contact your proxy/network admin for help.

    Another option is to obtain offline key from the account and enter it in the registration dialog: . (This will permanently switch your license to offline mode and you will not be able to use it via JetBrains Account).

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    Jaume Vich Salas (arquitectura)

    I'm connecting via proxy, set values for it and activate my license with no troubles.


    Now I have one big trouble and other minor:


    The minor one is that I cannot check for updates: Connection timeout

    The big ones is that I'm not update maven repositories due Authorization exception. I'm using my maven installation with my maven settings.

    The problems is the IntelliJ due from command line I can compile the project but from inside I can do nothing an also I cannot not work (to many hours wasted in this issue).

    Could you help me?

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    Serge Baranov

    Jaume Vich, please submit a ticket to support with more details and idea.log.

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    Vladimir Kudinov

    Hello! We've got a connectivity problem when tried to add SFTP deployment to IPv6 server. We got error "No route to host". The options
    was added to ~/Preferences/Webstorm11/webstorm.vmoptions.
    The peculiarity is that problem appears only over wifi but over wire connection works well. Another SFTP clients (for example filezilla) connect successfully. OSX El Capitan 10.11.1, Webstorm 11.

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    Serge Baranov

    Could you please submit a ticket to support?

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